You know an #OrcaHero! 

Many county staff show their public service not just though their day job, but also in their daily actions. Even off duty, many employees are an #OrcaHero working for a clean, beautiful environment.  

Do you know an #OrcaHero? This kind of hero helps keep our waters and Puget Sound clean and orcas healthy. Every action adds to cleaning up pollution from our homes, neighborhoods and businesses. Post your #OrcaHero and tag @PugetSoundStartsHere so we can share their story.  

Everyday heroes help our habitat by: 

  •  Avoiding pesticides and synthetic fertilizers 
  • Checking for and fixing car leaks 
  • Picking up dog poop and throwing it in the trash 
  • Installing rain gardens! 

Find more info at Puget Sound Starts Here! Y en Español