PSB staff set newly planted trees up for success!  

On Friday, May 3, staff  from the Office of Performance, Strategy and Budget (PSB) volunteered at the Cougar-Squak Animal Migration Corridor. This busy hiking area, formerly a private camp ground, was acquired by King County in 2016.  Earlier this year, numerous trees and shrubs were planted to fill in the spaces that had previously been campsites. Our work for the day was to place mulch around the plantings to protect them and increase their chance of survival.

The team got right to work and exceeded expectations!  In fact, King County Parks staff had to buy more mulch in order to keep everyone busy. We overheard them marveling over the speed at which we worked and wondering what distinguished our group from other volunteers.

In summary, we worked hard, learned that we are a great team whatever the work we’re doing, and we got to spend a beautiful day in nature working to make our County a better place!