Final opportunity! Applications open for Professional Development Scholarships  

As a part of the Master Labor Agreement (MLA) and Investing In YOU, applications are now being accepted for Professional Development Scholarship Awards for training that occurs anytime between September 6, 2019 and December 31, 2019. 

Scholarship awards are only available to King County employees who are represented by a union in the Coalition of Unions and who meet additional eligibility requirements. 

Scholarships are intended to support employees in growing their careers at King County. This could include enhancing your knowledge and skills for your current job field; obtaining a professional certification, license, or pursuing a degree that is related to paid work performed at King County; or preparing you for a career change in job fields performed at King County. Each quarter, $37,500 of the $150,000 total 2019 budget is allocated for scholarship awards. There is a maximum allotment of $2,500 per qualified employee in 2019 for approved training opportunities. If there are more qualified applicants than funds available, a lottery process will be used.  

How to Apply: Eligible employees may apply online at the County’s job page at the posting titled, “MLA Professional Development Scholarships.” 

The current application period closes July 26, 2019. 

Please note that this is the final application process during the term of the one-year professional development fund pilot authorized by Article 12 of the Master Labor Agreement (MLA). The County will be evaluating the success of the pilot and a decision to continue the pilot will likely be negotiated in 2020 during bargaining for a successor MLA. 

For more information go to Professional Development Scholarship Fund Program or email