Community Court Program building safer neighborhoods 

King County is helping low-level offenders get their lives back on track and building safer communities through a program called Community Court.  

The Community Court Program is an alternative problem-solving court that can help low-level offenders avoid the traditional court system if they adhere to a plan, access community services, and create positive changes in their lives and their community.  

“It warms my heart to have people succeed and to see the change in them,” King County District Court Judge Lisa Paglisotti said in a recent video about the program. “This is the one program that, I think, we’re giving people tools teaching them to be self-sufficient, giving them hope, restoring their dignity, energizing them to move forward in positive ways.”  

The Community Court addresses crimes such as theft, shoplifting, and other low-level offenses. The goal is to divert people from the traditional justice system and offer resources that can help them address the underlying issues that led to their offences, and ultimately lead to stronger, safer neighborhoods. 

The Community Courts are located in Redmond and Burien, and include Resource Centers that offer services to participants, such as job training, education, housing, healthcare, and much more. The Community Court Resource Centers are open to everyone, not just those enrolled in the program.  

The program offers resources, opportunities, and promotes the goal of empowering participants to create positive change. Watch this video to learn more or visit  the Community Court Program.