Green infrastructure, aiming for LEED Gold Certification 

The recent installation of the rain garden and green roof are the latest milestones at the Children and Family Justice Center. The eco-friendly design and landscaping support the County’s climate change priorities.  

In addition to being beautiful, the rain garden is one of many sustainable features that will retain run-off stormwater. The garden’s landscape showcases Princeton Sentry trees, Barrenwort plants, and Mexican beach cobble stones around the perimeter of the garden. A unique characteristic to the garden are rain chains, a functional and modern alternative to traditional gutter downspouts. Visitors and staff will have viewing access from the atrium on all floors of the building.  

The green roof will help conserve energy by acting as a natural coolant for the building, while simultaneously improving stormwater management.   

These, and other energy-efficient features, will contribute to the CFJC using 26 percent less energy than required by the City of Seattle’s Energy Code.   

The project sets high standards for environmental sustainability, and the building is on track to earn Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification.