Accessing mental health services through your medical plan 

If you are experiencing a mental or emotional health issue, you can access services offered by your King County medical plan. 

Kaiser Permanente SmartCare plans: Kaiser Permanente has licensed mental health clinicians on primary care teams to provide assessment and short-term treatment for many mental health concerns. At Kaiser Permanente Mental Health specialty facilities, adults, families, teens, and children can get treatment and support for a wide range of issues. No referral is needed from your primary care provider to get care from Kaiser Permanente Mental Health. For first-time, non-emergency appointments, call 888-287-2680 or 206-630-1680. Your copay for outpatient mental health visits is the same as for other office visits. For additional information, go to Kaiser Permanente Mental Health 

Regence BlueShield KingCare or KingCare Select plans: If you are a member of KingCare or KingCare Select, you can access a wide range of mental health services. professionals in their networks. When you need care, contact Your Primary Care Provider first. Your Primary Care Provider can treat you and help you find a specialist, or you can call the customer service number on the back of your member ID card for assistance in finding a qualified mental health professional. You can also sign in to your Regence BlueShield account and use the Find A Doctor tool. Your coinsurance for outpatient mental health visits is the same as for other office visits.