New electronic records management system to debut Oct. 7 

A new enterprise content management system, Content Manager, will go live Oct. 7. The system will be available for all King County agencies to use to manage their records and information. 

Users of the old system, KC ERMS, will automatically have access to the new one. Agencies that have not used KC ERMS can request access to Content Manager by contacting Records Management at  After getting access, manage records easily by a click on the Content Manager icon on your desktop. 

You can use Content Manager to: 

  • File electronic records to comply with legal retention requirements 
  • Search for and provide access to records in response to public records requests 
  • Manage boxes in storage at the King County Records Center 

 Get access, take training and learn more about Content Manager on the Records Management website 

2 Comments on “New electronic records management system to debut Oct. 7 

  1. Can this accommodate CAD and other types of drawings?

    • Hi Shahid, Content Manager can support any kind of structured data that resides in a Windows file explorer environment, including CAD files. However just because it can be used to file those records, does not necessarily mean it’s the most appropriate storage solution for all types of records. If you have questions, please contact your Agency Records Officer or the Records Management Program to discuss options.Thank you.