Focus on values: We are responsible stewards

Dear employee,

Last month, we launched a monthly focus on our values to help us gain a deeper understanding of King County’s values and how we apply them to our work. This month, we are focusing on the value “We are responsible stewards.”

Being a responsible steward is a value I take very seriously. For me, stewardship is taking care of the resources entrusted to our care.

As Director of the Office of Performance, Strategy and Budget, my primary focus is making sure we are strong financial stewards, so people know their money is used efficiently and effectively. As a longtime resident, I work hard to be a good environmental steward to preserve this region and its gifts for future generations. And as an avid history buff, it’s about preserving the deep history and diverse cultures that enrich our region.

Stewardship may mean something different for each of us, but we all play a role in being responsible stewards as a local and regional government. It’s a core component of achieving our True North vision of making King County a welcoming community where every person can thrive.

Please take a moment to watch our fellow King County employees discuss what “We are responsible stewards” means to them. Your supervisor will also soon discuss what this value means to you and your team, and how it applies to you and your work.

Best regards,

Dwight Dively
Director, Office of Performance, Strategy and Budget