Focus on values: We are one team

Dear employee,

Whitney Abrams, Chief People Officer, King County Executive Office

What do you think of when you hear the words “We are one team?” For me, “We are one team” is about strong relationships, trust, respect, and diversity:

  • Our relationships with one another are crucial to our success. We all rely on one another to get our work done. Each of us brings unique skills and experiences to our teams. We come from different backgrounds and places. The more we get to know one another – what we like, our communication style, what we do outside of work – the more effective we can be as teammates.
  • Trust is at core of healthy teams. To do our best at work we have to feel our best at work, comfortable being our true selves at work. Healthy teams are empowered to take risks together; they treat mistakes as opportunities to learn and get better.
  • Respect goes beyond being polite and cordial with one another – these should be a given in our workplace. True respect means that we value each other’s ideas, suggestions, and opinions. It means that regardless of your job title or position in the team, you are valued for what you bring, do, and have to say.
  • It’s the diversity of people and their views, ideas, and experiences – and valuing these differences – that make us stronger. Diversity in teams helps us look at issues from different angles with our individual expertise to identify solutions or innovations that help us serve our customers more effectively.

I value the teams and the people in them that I work with, whether it’s the Executive’s Senior Leadership Team or the teams I work with in the Executive Department, Department of Human Resources, and Office of Labor Relations. We bring our unique experiences to the work, learn from one another, value each other’s input, try out new ideas, even when they don’t always work out, and we have fun together.

That’s what “We are one team” means to me, and that’s the culture I hope you have or are building with your teams. Because this work is bigger than any one of us, and we need one another and the diversity of skills and ideas that we bring if we are to continue to meet, anticipate, and exceed the expectations of our customers.

Please find time to watch the “We are one team” video with your team and discuss what this value means for your team and how it applies to your work.




Whitney Abrams,
Chief People Officer