KCIT update: Transitioning to Windows 10 

The push to upgrade all Windows 7 operating system computers to Windows 10 operating systems continues, and King County Information and Technology (KCIT) is on track to meet a Jan. 14 Microsoft deadline. On that date, Microsoft will stop supporting the Windows 7 system. Only a limited number of county devices will be allowed to continue with the Windows 7 system, as they run specialized software not compatible with the Windows 10 system. 

Because of the switchover to Windows 10, KCIT will not allow devices with the Windows 7 system to connect to King County’s VPN network as of Jan. 9. Users should expect to see a banner notifying them about this change on the VPN connector soon. It is important to note King County does not support personal devices, and it is up to users to ensure their operating system is current with all county requirements. 

For questions, contact the KCIT Help Desk at 206-263-4357 or submit a Help Desk ticket.