Important notice regarding Microsoft Teams and Planner tools

Background:  King County must make changes to Office 365, resulting in updates to the Microsoft Teams and Planner tools. These changes will improve the stability and security of Office 365. The changes are required by Microsoft.

If you use Teams or Planner: 

  • You should not edit your Teams and Planner sites from Feb. 1 until at least Feb. 18 or later. No changes can be saved during this period.
  • You’ll still be able to access your documents and files by navigating through SharePoint to the file location.
  • Continue to edit your documents through SharePoint until the updates are complete.
  • Starting Feb. 18, we’ll begin notifying site owners when Teams/Planner again becomes available for your use.
  • A few critical sites have been identified for special processing to minimize downtime (these site owners will receive specific instructions).
  • The HelpDesk cannot create new Teams or Planner sites after Feb. 1, until the updates are complete.

What Happens Next: All Teams or Planner site owners will receive more detailed information.

Thank you for your continued support as we improve the stability and security of Office 365! If you encounter difficulties with your Team or Planner site after Feb. 1, please contact the HelpDesk.