Mourning together, virtually: How our Muslim community adapted using technology 

Crossposted from Public Health Insider 

Authors: Mohamed Ali, Ayan Abshir and Equity Response Team 

Death is a universal experience, no matter what race or religion one identifies with. In Islam, Muslims are taught to overcome tragic circumstances with containment (Rida), gratitude (Hamd), patience (Sabr), and firm belief in destiny (Qadr). Although, death is a fact of life, it is never easy to lay a loved one to rest. 

The local Somali community in Seattle was recently devastated by the first COVID-19 death. This death has brought to the surface the stress our community already deals with as Black immigrant Muslims. Yet, the resilience of our community is astonishing. Even while abiding by public health advisories, our community maintains a strong commitment to honoring cultural practices and religious rituals to honor the dead and we continue our strong tradition of comforting bereaved families. 

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