Phone donation gives instant access to mental health support in isolation/quarantine 

Crosposed from Cultivating Connections 

When King County opened its first isolation/quarantine site this March in Kent as part of its emergency response to the COVID-19 crisis, the need to support guests’ mental health in addition to their physical health was immediately revealed as a top priority. 

“It would be challenging for anyone to isolate or quarantine in a hotel room for up to 14 days, and this challenge is exacerbated when you have this terrible virus,” said Isabel Jones, Deputy Division DirectorBehavioral Health and Recovery Division, Community and Human Services.  “As part of our response we wanted to be able to connect guests with their existing support services and networks immediately, including family, friends, and if they already had a counselor or clinician,” she said. 

The barrier to connecting guests to their natural support systems and also provide onsite telehealth access was that many guests don’t have their own cell phone or may not have time to go get their cell phone before they come to isolation and quarantine. 

A swift act of generosity from the corporate community made providing this critical care possible, even to isolation and quarantine’s earliest patients. 

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