Mental Health Month week two: Creating healthy routines 

For the second week of Mental Health Month, Balanced You is focusing on the topic “creating healthy routines.” Many of our routines including nutrition, physical activity, social connection, and rest have been upended by the pandemic. Maintaining our old routines may be impossible, due to new work schedules, social distancing rules, or stress levels. As we settle into this new normal, it is important that we develop new, sustainable routines in order to support our physical and mental health. 

Routines we develop during the pandemic may not be as ambitious as our pre-pandemic routines, and that is okay. Be gentle with yourself. Every day take one or two steps toward healthy routines. These steps and the routines they create will help you maintain health and resiliency as you continue to respond to the coronavirus, professionally and personally.  

Visit the Balanced You blog for more information on healthy routines, including a tool to help you plan yours and resources available to support you and your loved ones.