Substance use and mental health disorder recovery resources during the pandemic  

The pandemic is creating unique challenges for those faced with substance use and mental health disorders, including those in active recovery. Social isolation can heighten symptoms and cravings. Meanwhile connection – the antidote to isolation, the theme of King County Mental Health Month’s third week, and a cornerstone of many recovery programs – has changed in the face of social distancing.  

Before coronavirus, rooms and facilities in communities across the globe were filled with groups of people offering each other resources, tips, and stories of strength and hope. Now, those groups have been asked to stop meeting in-person, to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Fortunately, many recovery groups and facilities have quickly and successfully pivoted to the virtual landscape, while others have maintained or expanded the online or phone-based services they already provided.  

Recovery can and does happen, even during a pandemic. Visit the Balanced You blog to learn what online and phone-based resources are available to support you or your loved ones in beginning, returning to, or maintaining recovery.