Guidance for employees under City of Seattle curfew

Dear employee,

People in King County and across the country are demonstrating against racism, hate, and violence against black people and people of color in the United States, sparked by the killing in Minnesota of George Floyd, who died with a white police officer’s knee pressed to his neck.

Seattle Mayor Jenny A. Durkan has announced a 5 p.m. curfew effective today, Saturday, May 30, and Sunday, May 31.

Employees are advised that per the curfew, they should remain in their residence to the extent possible and should refrain from traveling in and through Seattle, unless they:

  • Need to commute to work during these hours
  • Are experiencing homelessness
  • Are in a medical emergency,
  • Are in a dangerous situation
  • Are first responders, health care workers, or working media roles.

Essential employees who must report should be prepared to provide the reason they need to be traveling in the city if asked by law enforcement.

We value and respect the peaceful expression of political views and people exercising their First Amendment rights. This is a challenging period in our nation’s history, and here in King County will continue to lead with racial justice in our work and stand together for a safe, diverse, welcoming community where every person can thrive.