Mental Health Month week four: Supporting others 

For the last week of Mental Health Month, Balanced You is focusing on the topic “supporting others.” Widening our view from self-care to collective care by supporting others’ mental health is important, especially during the ongoing pandemic, which has increased stress for so many. 

While you may not be able to fix someone’s mental well-being, there are simple things you can say or do to help people in your life who are struggling. Actions such as practicing active listening by giving your complete attention to the person talking, asking how you can help, not judging, and knowing when to call for more help can have a big impact on someone going through a tough time. 

Furthermore, when you offer help to someone struggling with their mental health, you’ll also improve your health, as social connection and doing for others are closely linked to overall well-being and a stronger ability to bounce back from stressful situations. Visit the Balanced You blog for tips on how to start a conversation with someone you believe is struggling, and what you can do to support them.