COVID-19 and unrecognized realities experienced by black people 

Crossposted from Public Health Insider 

Face coverings help protect our community from COVID-19. Unfortunately many members of the Black community are concerned that wearing face coverings may lead to dangerous and harmful encounters with law enforcement or other community members. Racism influences perceptions of face coverings and those wearing or not wearing them. 

After rounds of engagement and feedback from community partners, the decision was made to roll out the face covering policy as as a directive, not an order, so as to prevent further policing of black and brown communities or perpetuate further acts of racism. 

However, in recent days and weeks, Black men and women wearing or not wearing a face covering have experienced racial profiling, and racist and violent behavior. Wearing a face covering or not wearing one is no justification for attacking or brutalizing people of color in King County. 

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