Seven questions people ask about our daily COVID-19 data dashboard 

Crossposted from Public Health Insider 

The recently expanded “Daily COVID-19 outbreak summary” shows the latest data for test results, hospitalizations and deaths in King County and in each city, town and zip code. Dashboard users can use “tabs” to filter by race, age and gender for each location. They can also compare how each city or zip code area compares to the overall rates for King County. (Most unincorporated areas are also included, and more will be added.)   

The dashboard includes demographics for race, age, and gender. 

(Don’t miss the other COVID-19 data dashboards, showing the status of the pandemic and impacts on the community.) 

Keep in mind that the dashboard is a snapshot at one moment in time – it’s not a final report. New information is constantly arriving, and when we update any of the data dashboards, it represents a snapshot of what we knew at that moment. 

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