More people need help getting food in the pandemic

Pictured: A National Guard member helps pack food for distribution. About 330 National Guard members were deployed to help at food banks in King County. Of those, 116 ended their assignments by the end of June. That leaves a significant gap, since volunteers have for the most part followed the governor’s stay-home order.

Food banks need your help now more than ever. “The pandemic and the resulting unemployment and economic downturn are having a severe impact on people’s ability to pay for basic necessities, including food,” said Brendan McCluskey, director of King County Emergency Management.

Financial donations and volunteers are critically needed at food banks. “Especially with the potential for a second wave (of COVID-19), food bank providers are showing concern,” said Jennifer Rosenberger, Senior Manager with King County Emergency Management.

The King County Donations Connector directs people who want to give money to the Washington Food Fund through Philanthropy Northwest. You can also sponsor a food box. Read the full media release.