Former Metro drivers take on new role as King County Health Ambassadors to slow the spread of COVID-19 

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Fatigue from months of quarantine and welcome summer weather have spurred an alarming rise in COVID-19 infection rates compared to early Spring, making it more difficult than ever to observe public health guidance to slow the spread of COVID-19. 

Taking quick action, King County is launching a new COVID Health Ambassador Program next week to offer community outreach, education and health promotion resources to prevent COVID-19 transmission. 

The first ambassadors already know King County: they are former METRO bus drivers redeployed to engage and inform neighborhood and community groups on the importance of social distancing, wearing facial coverings, practicing healthy hand hygiene, and observing phase-appropriate business and gathering standards.

“We must slow the spread of the virus, prevent infection rates from rising, and save lives, and the COVID Health Ambassadors will help us to do this,” said King County Executive Dow Constantine in announcing the new program. “Rather than lose valued public employees, we will invite them to continue their service to the community by promoting the health and safety of our residents in this time of need.”

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