Electric scooter share pilot program 

King County has launched a one-year pilot program for shared electric scooters in accordance with Ordinance 18989. We’re creating this pilot program to offer new mobility options in the North Highline Urban Unincorporated Area, including White Center. Scooter share programs operate much like bike share programs – anyone can access a scooter using a smartphone app, ride to their destination, and leave the scooter in an appropriate location. 

This pilot program will help the County determine whether shared Scooters can support the County’s policy goals of: 

  • Improving first/last mile connections to transit 
  • Reducing private motor vehicle use and congestion 
  • Promoting safe travel with this form of transportation 
  • Improving pedestrian safety, accessibility, and convenience for people of all ages and abilities 
  • Providing equitable transportation services, and 
  • Reducing air pollution, including climate pollution. 

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