Updated mask guidance for employees 

King County has released updates to its Guidance for Workforce, Operations, and Customer Service Recovery and Temporary COVID-19 Personnel Policy, and has provided new guidance on face masks.

Under the updated policy, “individuals should use county provided masks or substantially similar masks in the workplace. Bandanas, gaiters, buffs, vented masks and face shields are not permitted substitutes for masks” (Temporary COVID-19 Personnel Policy, page 9).

Face masks must be worn properly in order to avoid contaminating the hands or face of the user. The County has cloth masks available for all employees to use in the workplace. Employees’ supervisors will tell them if a specific type of mask is required for their job.

In this unprecedented time, when individuals can be infected and contagious before or without symptoms and evidence suggests a significant number of infections may be transmitted this way, face coverings must be worn to prevent inadvertently spreading COVID-19 while interacting with others.

If an employee has COVID-19 symptoms, the employee should not report to a King County worksite. The employee should stay home, contact their medical provider and their supervisor or human resources manager. Refer to the Temporary COVID-19 Personnel Policy for more details on scenarios regarding COVID-19 testing and required protocols.

Read the policy for more information, and talk to your supervisor or your department’s Human Resources Manager (SharePoint: employee access only) if you have additional questions.