BRC gets national attention for credit card solution 

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King County continues to make waves nationally, in so many positive ways. Julia Cordero’s article about the county’s implementation of virtual credit cards as a new payment method in 2019 was recently published in Insight magazine, a national industry magazine that highlights best practices and innovative solutions. Cordero initially presented at Oracle Applications and Technology Users Group’s national conference last year. She was asked to write an article for Insight.   

By Julia Cordero, ERP Project/Program Manager, Business Resource Center 

What are Virtual Credit Cards? 

With procurement card fraud on the rise, organizations are looking for ways to minimize unauthorized transactions. The now ubiquitous EMV chip cards have emerged as a way to increase security for card-present (CP) transactions, which are those in which the customer physically uses the card at the point of sale. In contrast, card-not-present (CNP) transactions, such as those involving online purchases, continue to be vulnerable to fraud. 

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