King County is moving to Microsoft Teams from Skype 

Microsoft Teams will soon be the hub for communication and collaboration. Teams provides communication with phone calls, meetings and IMs; collaboration tools for the shared work, and support for virtual large meetings with Teams Live Events.

What are the benefits? With Teams as the hub, working together will be easier:

  • IM / Chat: Send IMs (instant messages) and chat with individuals, teams or groups, all in one location.
  • Meet: Invite anyone with an email address to join a meeting to collaborate in real-time, share screens or use a digital whiteboard.
  • Call: Make and receive calls within King County or to outside people or groups with no app needed.
  • Collaborate: The new “one-stop” location for SharePoint, OneNote and Office tools.

What will the move to Teams look like? The move will happen in two phases: The first users will move from Skype to Teams in October. Most employees will move by Dec. 31.

During the transition, Skype and Teams will coexist. That means:

  • Calls and instant messages between Skype and Teams will work.
  • Users can attend Teams meetings Skype meetings, no matter which one  is being used.

After the move, Teams will be the single communication tool.

  • Zoom meetings will continue to be available for specific cases.

How will users be supported through this change?

  • Users may already have Teams on their computer. If not, they will get it soon.
  • Online training for Teams and live Q&A sessions will be available.
  • Each agency or department will have resident Teams experts to help.

For questions or more information, view the Skype-to-Teams FAQs, or, submit a Helpdesk ticket to work directly with a KCIT Trainer.