Celebrate the unsung heroes of the workplace: Payroll Professionals 

This week is National Payroll Week. It is a week set aside to celebrate all payroll professionals everywhere who, day after day, work hard to ensure the timely and accurate distribution of payroll to approximately 150 million America wage earners.   

Payroll is important. Not only is it a symbol of the bond of trust and mutual commitment between employers and employees, payroll also funds families, supports households, and keeps our economy going. It enriches careers and allows us amazing experiences as we grow and go. To be a payroll professional means that you are constantly learning as you work through the many changes and increasing demands to be compliant with federal, state, and county regulations. Yes, payroll is also difficult and seems to get harder and more complex every day, but it is also enormously rewarding to know that you consistently provide employees with an accurate and timely paycheck every single payday.  

This year, we have all faced unexpected and enormous challenges to ensure payroll is processed properly while many of us are working from home with all its distractions and interruptions and without our usual working space, yet, somehow we have all managed to overcome the new obstacles and meet the challenges to stay on schedule. Please know that your many efforts to keep payroll on track, regardless of those challenges, are very much appreciated. 

Thank you for all the work you do every day to pay our employees. Your part in this complex process and your willingness to do whatever it takes to meet the payroll deadlines makes it possible for employees to be able to count on King County payroll, regardless of the department or agency.  We are all partners in this process and appreciate all you do for payroll, and especially your flexibility and determination in this difficult year. 

To show the appreciation of the county, King County Executive Dow Constantine has declared this week to be National Payroll Week 2020 in King County. View the official proclamation here.