Pet of the Week: Dora 

Hi! My name is Dora and I am available for adoption. I like getting attention on my own terms. When I come up to say hello, sometimes I want to rub against your pant leg, sometimes I want to smack you, and sometimes I want to bite you. I’ll always keep you guessing as to what kind of mood I am in! I am a gorgeous cat that at first was very timid, but once I realized that people just want to make me happy, I have taken my rightful place as princess and will be adored and treated with respect! I can get overstimulated with petting, so please move carefully with me and keep an eye out for signs that I might need a break. My personality color is RED. I am a spirited cat with a fun-loving personality! I may be sensitive to handling, so I would do best in a home with a cat savvy family who knows when to give me some space. 

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