Reducing coronavirus risk as we spend more time indoors for fall and winter 

Crossposted from Public Health Insider 

As the season changes, cooler temperatures mean more time indoors. The risk from COVID-19 increases with indoor gatherings compared to outdoors, but there are ways to reduce the spread and stay healthy.  We talked to Health Officer Dr. Jeff Duchin about COVID-19 risks indoors and what to do about it. 

Dr. Duchin, you’ve said “outdoors is safer than indoors.” Why is that? 

Socializing outdoors is less risky than indoors for two main reasons: First, natural outdoor airflow rapidly dilutes viruses floating in the air. Second, sunlight kills viruses. But, as we head into fall and winter, we spend less time outdoors and more time indoors, where the risk of COVID-19 spread is higher.   

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