Is your new workspace earthquake ready? 

October 15 is the annual Shakeout drill, an opportunity for us to practice what to do during an earthquake. Many of us have participated in this drill while in an office building, but few have at our homes. We encourage employees to take time before the event to check out if their new workspace is earthquake ready.  

  • Do you have large hanging items such as mirrors, plants, artwork or pictures, or lighting hanging near your workspace? If yes, considering moving them or finding ways to make them secure during an earthquake  
  • Are you able to easily DROP, COVER, and HOLD ON under your workspace? Remember during an earthquake the best thing to do is get under something sturdy and cover your head and neck.  
  • Do you have emergency supplies in your home in case there is damaged infrastructure around the region? Do you have a two week supply of food and water? Other things to have in your emergency supply kit can be found here 
  • Have you talked to your family about what they should do during an earthquake? The Shakeout drill is a perfect opportunity to practice with those at home.  

Test of KCInformKing County will participate in the ShakeOut drill with an annual test of KCInform, our employee alert and warning system, at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, Oct. 15KCInform is used to reach employees during an emergency with information about infrastructure disruptions, facility issues, changes in business operations, and other critical impacts. Messages are sent through voice, text, and email. While all county emails and desk phones are already in the system, King County provided mobile phones and employees personal contact information are not. The service is free and all personal contact information is secure and protected.   

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