Reminder on wearing masks at work 

As we try to slow the spread of COVID-19, please remember that all Executive Branch employees must wear face coverings over their noses and mouths if they are likely to be in contact with another individual and distancing of six feet is not able to be maintained.   

If an employee has a medical condition that impacts the employee’s ability to wear a mask, they should contact their HR Manager.   The county may not be able to reasonably accommodate a disabled employee’s request that they be exempted from the requirement to wear a mask if the employee works in an environment where social distancing is difficult and/or not wearing a mask creates a risk of exposing others. 

The County has cloth masks available for all employees to use in the workplace. Individuals should use County provided masks or substantially similar masks in the workplace. Bandanas, gaiters, buffs, vented masks and face shields are not permitted substitutes for masks.  

Because it is still important to conserve medical-grade or N95 respirators for health care workers, unless a particular health reason requires it, individuals should use county provided cloth masks or substantially similar masks in the workplace. Cloth face masks must be worn properly in order to avoid contaminating the hands or face of the user. Here is how to properly wear a mask 

Please see the County’s Guidance for Workforce, Operations, and Customer Service Recovery and Temporary COVID-19 Personnel Policy for full guidance on face masks.