Records management guidance and resources for teleworking 

As King County continues to adapt to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, county employees are facing unprecedented changes. In particular, much of the county workforce is either adapting to long-term telework or facing space consolidations and office moves. These changes have highlighted the importance that records and information play in our everyday work. All county employees access records and information in order to do their jobs and changes to our work environment can present challenges to accessing that helpful information. 

Luckily the King County Records Management Program provides various resources and services to help agencies that are facing office moves or transitioning to long-term telework. Please contact Records Management for any assistance or questions at or 206-477-2679 

Here are several resources for records management. 

  • Content Manager – Content Manager is an enterprise content management system that can be used to manage both electronic and physical records from the point of creation. 
  • Records Center Storage – The King County Records Center is the county’s official storage location for inactive electronic records. If you have inactive physical records that are within their retention period, you can send them for secure storage for the duration of their retention period.  
  • Disposition after Digitization – Are you interested in going paperless and scanning your physical records into a more accessible electronic format? Getting Disposition After Digitization approval allows agencies to manage their physical records in an electronic format, which helps support teleworking employees and space consolidation efforts.  
  • Physical Records Toolkit – This toolkit includes various resources for employees facing office moves, and provides tools to help manage physical records.  
  • Consultation – The staff of the Records Management Program is always available if you have any questions or scenarios you need advice about.  

Records Management has also developed guidance documents specific to records management and telework:  

For more information, contact Records Management at or 206-477-2679