Moving to Teams: Making 911 calls on the right phone 

When employees are working remotely, or teleworking (i.e. not at a King County location), and need to call 911, they are reminded to use their home phone or cell phone – not their Teams phone or Skype phone if possible – to place their 911 call. 

When employees use Teams or Skype to call 911 when not in a King County building, the call is first routed to a regional 911 center in Colorado, where the employee will need to provide their location before being transferred to the correct local 911 center. While the employee will be directed to the right 911 center, it takes precious extra seconds. Of course, if Skype or Teams is the only option to use, then do use it. 

So please remember, employees should use their home or cell phone to call 911. Find out more about our switch to Teams.