COVID-related Paid Administrative Leave extended to June 2021 

King County is extending the eligibility period for accessing Paid Administrative Leave (PAL) for COVID-related reasons to June 2021 for non-represented employees, and is bargaining the same extension for represented employees.

This is an extension of the timeframe in which the existing 80 hours of Paid Administrative Leave for COVID-related reasons can be used (see COVID-related Paid Administrative Leave for details); additional hours are not being awarded. For non-represented employees, this extension will last until either June 25, 2021, or June 30, 2021, depending on whether the employee’s pay period is biweekly or semi-monthly. Represented employees can check here to see if their union has approved the Memorandums of Agreement (MOA). This list will be updated as new MOAs are signed.

Please be advised that employees must receive supervisor approval in order to take this leave. Supervisors will make decisions based on the eligibility criteria, operational needs and business continuity, and employee designations as First Responders and Mission-Critical.

As previously communicated, First Responders “have the highest duty to report to work as directed in emergency conditions,” and Mission-Critical Employees “must be available to perform their duties as determined by their agency management,” per King County’s Temporary COVID-19 Personnel Policy. First Responders and Mission-Critical employees are expected to continue to report to work in person or telecommute per existing arrangements. Departments can change employee designations as needed and must inform employees accordingly. This is as important as ever during our COVID-19 response.

Thank you for supporting our community and one another during this difficult time and doing what you can to keep stay safe.

Whitney Abrams
Chief People Officer