Tech Tip: Skype Business to Teams migration chatting and instant messaging

For the next year, as employees move to Microsoft Teams for County communications, many people will continue on Skype until they move. Did you know you can send Instant Messages between Skype and Teams?  

Below are instructions to send Instant Message between Skype and Teams.  

Once employees move to Teams, send a message, called Chats in Teams, to coworkers using Skype by simply looking them up and sending a message. They will receive the message in Skype. When they reply, it will show up in Teams for the original sender using Teams.  

Pro tips about chatting/instant messaging between Skype and Teams:  

  • Chats are limited to two people. That means group chats are not possible.   
  • Screen sharing is not possible between the platforms.  
  • To screenshare or have a group chat, schedule a meeting or use Meet Now, and invite your other party. Meet Now can be started from either Skype or Teams.  

For questions or concerns, visit the KCIT Helpdesk