Tech Tip: Remember: A good way to help identify potential phishing 

Phishing attacks continue to hit employees at King County, just like other local jurisdictions. Because of this, KCIT wants to remind employees about the banner which identifies emails sent from outside of the county. The banner is used because a common phishing tactic employed by the bad guys is sending emails in which the display name in the “From” field looks like it’s been sent by someone within King County, but that email address is fake and actually from someone making a phishing attempt.

Unfortunately, users do not always notice when such an email is a phishing attempt. This makes employees vulnerable to viruses and other problems.

When any email is delivered from an outside email address, the following is added. This warning message appears in the body of the email message.

Remember, this warning message will let employees know the email came from outside the County and has the potential to be a phishing scam.

For questions or concerns, visit the KCIT Helpdesk.