Where is COVID-19 transmitted in King County? Report shows most common exposure settings are homes, workplaces, community, and social gatherings 

Crossposted from Public Health Insider 

The dramatic recent increase in COVID-19 cases in King County reflects a wide range of activities and settings where people may be getting exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the virus that causes COVID-19. Instead of a few “hotspots,” COVID-19 risk is dispersed across homes, businesses, and other places where people gather. Currently, with a case-rate above 380 cases per 100,000 residents – more than five times what it was in early October – the virus is widespread in King County. It’s fair to assume at this time that exposure can happen anywhere you are around other people, especially indoors. 

new report on outbreaks and exposure settings from Public Health—Seattle & King County describes settings where people may have become infected and finds the most common reported sources of potential exposure in recent weeks are in households, in a variety of community or social activities and gatherings, and in workplaces. 

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