Update PeopleSoft contact information by January 1 to receive a W-2 

It is important for employees to update and review their personal contact information in PeopleSoft by Jan. 1. A W-2 form and other important benefits and payroll information will be sent to the Mailing Address indicated in PeopleSoft. To update PeopleSoft personal information: 

1. Sign in to PeopleSoft here, or access it from home at ess.kingcounty.gov. 

2. Go to Personal Details 

3. Make sure all items under Addresses, Contact Details, and Emergency Contacts are up-to-date. Employees can also choose to complete the Ethnic Groups, Disability, and Military Status fields. 

4. Save any changes. 

By making sure their information is current, employees can also: 

  • Ensure their emergency contact is notified if something happens at work 
  • Ensure someone from King County can reach them with information about building closures, safety directives, and other time-sensitive issues 
  • Also receive information at their preferred email address and phone number 

For a new password, go to Forgot My Password. For other login issues, contact the KCIT helpdesk at helpdesk.kingcounty.gov to live chat with an agent or submit a ticket, or call 206-263-4357. For more information, watch this video on Updating Personal Details in PeopleSoft.