Metro health ambassadors promote masks, community spirit

Some former Metro employees are helping people safely get where they are going in a different way. 

“I usually drive a Metro bus, but today I’m giving out masks to try and make sure everyone is masking up and being safe,” Jena, a Metro bus operator and Health Ambassador, said.  

After King County Metro Transit was forced to lay off some part-time employees due to COVID-19, the agency came up with an innovative solution: they allowed drivers facing layoff to opt into the Department of Community and Human Services’ (DCHS) Health Ambassadors program handing out masks and hand sanitizer at local stores, parks, transit centers, and other locations.  

“This is great government. Retaining talent, keeping people employed, and also turning into a community partner trying to impact this pandemic that we’re all fighting against.” Mario Williams-Sweet, Executive Assistant for DCHS’ COVID Emergency Services Group, said. 

Watch the video below