Email to participate in 2021 Employee Survey

Between Monday, March 8, and Tuesday, March 9, most employees will receive an email in their King County inbox from KC Employee Survey ( with the subject line “Welcome to the King County 2021 Employee Survey” inviting them to have their say in this year’s Employee Engagement Survey.

Here is what the email will look like:

The 2021 Employee Engagement Survey will take place from March 8-26, and it is a great opportunity to let County leaders what is going well and where we need to improve. Remember that changes happen from your suggestions.  

The survey — which can be taken on your work computer or a mobile device — will take no more than 15 minutes and can be done during work time. Your responses are 100% anonymous and cannot be traced back to you.

All employees are eligible for the employee survey, except the following:

  • Employees in Superior Court, District Court, Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and the Sheriff’s Office
  • Employees who are interns or short term temporary (STT)
  • Employees who have not worked at the county for at least 3 months prior to the survey period (for 2021, employees must have started before December 8, 2020 to be eligible).

For FAQs and more information about the survey visit