New King County eLearning platform “Learn” is launched

from Whitney Abrams, Chief People Officer

Whitney Abrams,
Chief People Officer

King County is launching a new platform to power King County eLearning, our online learning system, called NEOGOV Learn.

King County eLearning offers thousands of courses and with NEOGOV Learn now powering it, you will be better able to customize and track your learning, access courses that have been assigned to you, and get credit for your attendance at classes and webinars.

There are a couple of ways you can log in:

  • If you have a email address:
    • Login through single sign here.
    • Open the new NEOGOV icon on your computer’s desktop.
  • If you don’t have a email address:
    • Submit a HelpDesk ticket to set up a free account. Use the following path to expedite your request: “I want something new” > “Human Resources (DHR) – Shared Services”

Once you have logged in, click on “Training” to show your “Overview,” “My Courses,” “Course Catalog,” and “Training Activity Report.” For more information on using the new King County eLearning, go to for FAQs and more, and watch our Introduction to Learn video and How to navigate King County eLearning video.

I encourage you to think about your development and career goals and talk to your supervisor about how King County eLearning can help you reach them. If you are in a position that is eligible for overtime pay and you would like to take a course or video that is directly related to your current job on paid time, you must first obtain your supervisor’s approval. If a course or video is not directly related to your current job, you may take it without your supervisor’s approval, but you will not be compensated for the time you spend taking the training, and you must take it outside your regular work hours or at a time you and your supervisor agree upon.

I hope you find the new King County eLearning a useful tool that helps you learn, grow, and reach your personal and professional goals at King County.