Future of Work intranet site offers resources and tools to support you

With the end of mandatory telework for Executive Branch employees on July 5, King County departments have begun to implement their Future of Work plans for how they will operate and serve customers in a post-pandemic environment.

For some employees, this means moving to a new location or a new model for delivering services. Some will accomplish their work primarily in person, others primarily remotely, or they make work a hybrid of both.

To help you during this transition, King County has built a centralized Future of Work intranet site (employee access only) to provide resources, tools, news, and answers to your questions.

The site is divided into five subsites, each with a range of resources for you:

  • What to expect returning to in-person work
  • Technology and workstations
  • Moves and space consolidation
  • Health and safety expectations at work
  • Personal safety at work.

This site will be regularly updated with new information and resources, so please bookmark the site, and check back often for updates and answers to your questions.