Actions we’re taking for safer workplaces

King County is working to enhance safety for employees and has launched several new and expanded initiatives to make workplaces, building, and structures safer. These include:

  • Enhanced security presence: We’re increasing security presence in the King County courthouse and other county buildings. Additional officers will be patrolling inside and outside the Courthouse and providing an enhanced security presence within entire the downtown campus.
  • Employee-only restrooms: Some restrooms are being designated for employee use only and will only be accessible with a keycard or code. Work began this week on a two-phase effort to install keycard locks, with Phase 1 involving installation of push button cypher locks (codes will be distributed to staff, anticipated completion by August 23), and Phase 2 involving preparation of electrical distribution and doors, and installation of card readers (6–8-week timeline for procurement and installation).
  • Security escort program: Upon request, the County provides security in downtown Seattle for individuals moving between their workplace and their commute. Facilities Management Division security can escort you for several blocks from the building you work in, from downtown buildings to Goat Hill Garage or immediate vicinity bus stops. Please contact the emergency dispatch center at 206-296-5000 to arrange for a security escort whether coming in to work or leaving work. Advance notice for a Security Escort is appreciated.
  • Security Assessment: The County is engaging a professional security firm specializing in physical security for a rapid security assessment of the downtown campus and to recommend further improvements. It is expected to be a 30-day deliverable once a contract is signed.

Additional programs and resources are also available to employees, and further actions are under review. You can find more information on our Personal Safety at Work section of our Future of Work site (employee access only).