Street and sidewalk closures around City Hall Park

A series of street, lane, and sidewalk closures will commence Friday, August 13, around City Hall Park as the City of Seattle prepares to close the park and begin restoration at the site.

For the past six weeks, a County and City-funded contractor called the JustCARE program has been working with the 50-plus people living in the park, located just south of the King County Courthouse, to help them move voluntarily to safer and more sustainable shelter options. This includes individual safety and shelter plans for each person. As of today, almost all the people who were living in the park have now vacated it, moving to indoor shelter options provided by the City and County.

The City of Seattle has posted signage at the park announcing that it will close City Hall Park Friday morning, August 13. Starting at approximately 6 a.m. tomorrow, there will be street, lane, and sidewalk closures as the Seattle Department of Transportation and Seattle Parks and Recreation prepare to begin restoration work at and around the park. These closures and changes include:

  • The 4th Ave & Jefferson St south crosswalk will be closed, but the east and north legs will be open to maintain ease of access to King County facilities
  • Sidewalks surrounding the park and crosswalks leading to the Park itself will be closed, and pedestrians will be directed to use sidewalks on opposite sides of each affected arterial
  • There will be curbside lane closures on 4th Ave and Yesler Way 
  • Dilling Way and its angled parking will be closed
  • Fencing around the park will begin to go up once the park is closed. Once fencing is completed, the surrounding sidewalks and crosswalks should be reopened unless necessary fencing precludes their use. 

In addition, sidewalk repair work at 3rd Avenue and Yesler Way begins Monday, August 16, and pedestrians will continue to be detoured around that smaller workzone next week and potentially into the week after.  

We appreciate your patience and understanding as this work is undertaken.