COVID Leave criteria, forms, and time codes

King County employees who are represented by a union that has signed the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) or are non-represented can now request up to 80 hours of COVID Leave to use for COVID-19 reasons as listed in the MOA. 

COVID Leave is a new benefit that applies to all participating unions, as well as non-represented employees with the following exceptions:

  • Puget Sound Police Managers Association (PSPMA)  
  • King County Police Officers Guild (KCPOG) 
  • District Court 
  • Superior Court 
  • King County Council 
  • Prosecuting Attorney’s Office 

​​​​​​​Eligible employees may use COVID Leave in the following situations: 

  • Up to the total amount of 80 hours for an employee’s positive COVID-19 test. 
  • Up to 40 of the 80 hours to care for an immediate family member who tested for COVID-19 or to stay home with a child whose school or childcare center was closed due to an outbreak and the employee cannot telecommute. 
  • Up to one regularly scheduled (out of the 80 total hours) shift to recover from a vaccine side effect. The side effect day off must be within 48 hours of receiving the vaccine, and the employee cannot work. 
  • Note: There are only 80 total hours available under this program. Employees that do not have a qualifying reason cannot use these hours. 

New time reporting codes are now available in PeopleSoft, but employees may request COVID Leave back to Aug 10, 2021: TRC634 – Covid Paid Leave Taken, TRC634AM – Covid Paid Leave Taken AM Hrs

Employees can apply for COVID Leave by completing the COVID Leave Request Form and providing it with appropriate documentation to their agency Human Resources professional.  

All forms and information are available at Accessing leave during COVID-19 – King County

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions or contact your department’s Human Resources Manager for more information.