Trading a sick day to help end homelessness

Team members from King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks (DNRP) Director’s Office traded a sick day to volunteer with Sound Foundations NW (SFNW) and be part of the solution to end homelessness in our community.

At the Hope Factory in SODO, they worked as a team on an assembly line to construct the frame of a tiny home which will provide shelter for someone experiencing homelessness. This tiny home is 96 square feet and will be set-up at the new Friendship Heights Village at Aurora and 125th in Seattle later this month.

SFNW says the main function of a tiny home is to get the person off the streets and into a space that is warm, safe, and dry. Many of the village residents then go on to move into long-term or permanent housing.

This DNRP team volunteer event was also part of the King County Employee Giving Program’s annual giving drive, as SFNW is associated with Low Income Housing Institution (LIHI), which is one of the nonprofits in the giving drive.

To learn how to help out in the community and volunteer with Sound Foundations NW visit