Youth-produced videos about importance of vaccines for children and young people

King County’s COVID-19 and Health Equity Training and Capacity Building Program works with young people to educate their peers and parents / guardians about COVID and the COVID Vaccine.

Magdalene and Yuhaniz are two young people who have worked with PHSKC for seven years doing peer and near-to-peer education on vaccines. They created and produced the following social media videos to support this work with an online strategy that connects well with young people and parents.

Watch the videos below to learn more and share on your own social media networks if you choose:

  • This first video about the importance of 12 to 17 year olds getting vaccinated was produced and created by young people for young people. Getting vaccinated protects young people from getting and spreading COVID-19. Watch and share on Facebook and Instagram.
  • This second video was also produced and created by young people, and is geared to parents and guardians of 5 to 11 year olds to discuss how critical it is to get children vaccinated. Watch and share on Facebook and Instagram.