Changes to mask requirements coming March 12

King County’s current mask requirements for Executive branch employees remain in place through March 11, but changes are coming March 12 that employees need to know about.

Through March 11:

  • Employees must wear a mask in indoor settings and enclosed spaces that are accessible to the public. This applies to all King County buildings, facilities, and structures that the public can enter, including public lobby and meeting spaces, public indoor recreation spaces, public service counters, and similar spaces open to the public.
  • Masks are not required in areas that are not accessible to the public or when working outdoors, because all employees are fully vaccinated or otherwise accommodated as required by county policy.
  • Masks remain required on public transportation and in congregate settings and health care facilities, including detention facilities and public health clinics.

Starting March 12:

  • Masks will be optional in all settings, including public-facing spaces, except on public transportation and in congregate settings and health care facilities, such as detention facilities and public health clinics, where masks will continue to be required.

This means that, beginning March 12, most King County employees will no longer be required to wear face masks while working indoors, even in public-facing spaces. There are exceptions. Employees who work in these settings are still required to wear face masks due to the nature of their work and to comply with state and federal guidelines:

  • Public transportation
  • Correctional facilities
  • Health care settings
  • Long-term care facilities.

Employees still have the option to wear face masks, even when they are not required. King County supports and encourages any employee who chooses to wear a face mask at work if it makes them more comfortable.

Superior Court and District Court will continue requiring masking in court rooms and in areas where work is done with members of the public. In all other areas, masking is encouraged for Superior Court employees but not required. District Court will continue to require that all District Court employees wear masks in all areas while at work.

Please see the Temporary COVID-19 Personnel Policy for more information.