Supporting the people affected by the war in Ukraine

Dear fellow King County employee,

We are all shocked and outraged by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s brutal invasion of Ukraine. Each day we’re seeing the devastating impacts of this decision: the senseless loss of life, bombardment of civilians, destruction of communities, families torn apart and forced to flee the violence, and the uprooting of more than a million people from their homes and homeland. We’re also seeing the bravery of the Ukrainian people, standing up to this dictator, fighting for their country, and fighting for the future of democracy in Europe and around the world.

King County is home to a large Ukrainian community, and on behalf of all our employees and residents I want to share our support during this dark time. We will help however we can and stand against authoritarian aggression.

Many King County employees have reached out to ask how we can help. One way is by making donations to organizations that are providing humanitarian aid and support for the people impacted by the invasion.

Yesterday I signed an authorization that will allow King County employees to convert accrued vacation leave and/or earned compensatory time – a minimum of four hours to a maximum of 40 hours – into cash donations to one or all of these organizations:

In addition to leave and compensatory time, one-time payroll donations, cash donations by e-check or credit card are also accepted. Prosecuting Attorney’s Office employees can donate by one-time payroll donations, e-check or credit card, but may not donate leave or compensatory time.

This special campaign will be open for the next 21 days, through 5 p.m. March 28. Please use this form to contribute and find answers to your questions here.

The images we are witnessing in the media from this attack are heartbreaking and emotionally wrenching. If you would like to speak with someone about how this event makes you feel, you can access two free services that offer professional support and advice: the Employee Assistance Program and Making Life Easier (username King County). Both resources are free and confidential.

Thank you for your generosity in all you do.


Dow Constantine (he/him/his)
King County Executive