Employees should apply now for monthly parking through August

Monthly parking via payroll deduction will be subsidized at 50% for the months of April through August in both downtown garages. Employees who wish to participate will need to submit a parking application (found on this page) to fmdpo@kingcounty.gov. There is a spot on the Parking Application form to list a department POETA. Normally this line is only used for agency-paid parking, but it will need to be filled out on all applications for subsidized parking. Check with your supervisor or manager to get the POETA for your workgroup. Those who have already submitted monthly parking applications will need to re-submit them with the required POETA information.

Subsidized parking is scheduled to end on Sept. 2, so monthly parking via payroll deduction will only last through August. To continue to have monthly parking fees paid via payroll deduction after that, you will need to submit a new application for monthly parking in late summer. A reminder will be sent by FMD in early August.