Celebrating King County’s Administrative Professionals

Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 27 is Administrative Professionals Recognition Day, an opportunity to recognize and celebrate King County’s hard-working Administrative Professionals.

Administrative Professionals are the backbone of County operations. Many operate behind the scenes to make sure customers get access to the services they rely on and employees can do their best work for our community.

Whitney Abrams, King County’s Chief People Officer and Executive Sponsor of the Administrative Professionals Development and Recognition Program, said that she is looking forward to celebrating the achievements and contributions of Administrative Professionals.

“I see the impact of their remarkable work each and every day, and I am grateful they have brought their talents to King County,” Abrams said. “They help all of us be more effective in our work, and I look forward to celebrating them on this special day.”

The King County Administrative Professional Advisory Committee is hosting a celebratory virtual event for Administrative Professionals Recognition Day on Wednesday, April 27 at noon. The keynote speaker will be Anita Whitfield, Chief Equity & Inclusion Officer. All employees are welcome to attend and support King County’s Administrative Professionals. Find out more.